Pinterest has become one of the best photo-sharing sites in recent years, where many users come to get various ideas in design, decor, and so on. Of course, this large social network has many more uses. However, some are not very satisfied with the design or model of Pinterest activity and are looking for quality alternatives to this site. If you are one of those people, you can use the Pinterest alternatives that are introduced below.

It’s important to know that none of these Pinterest alternatives contain video content. If you want to download Pinterest videos online and free, you can use the givefastlink Pinterest video downloader.

1- 500px

500px is a popular image-sharing website where you can download and use images for personal and commercial use. This site has a variety of quality images that you can use to get ideas in different jobs. One of the advantages of this photo network is that it allows users to show photos with specific keywords. These tags help other users to find the images they want.

2- Pearltrees

As a second alternative to Pinterest, let’s take a look at Pearltrees, a site with a wide variety of content and suitable for all users. Of course, on this website, you can add photos, links, documents, and various things and take advantage of features such as the browser plugin provided for Pearltrees. By registering on the site, you will be able to categorize and store photos in your account, and you will also be given 1 gigabyte of free space to submit photos.

3- Dribbble

Dribbble is very different from Pinterest and is actually a place to present art, and amateur design works to professionals. If you are a web designer or are designing a poster or even an animation, you can publish your work on this website to be seen or even get job opportunities. Of course, if you are not a designer, you can also search among the many works published in Dribbble and take advantage of the interesting examples published on this website.

4- Hometalk

If you are looking for a social network to give you new and exciting ideas for home decoration and home design, HomeTalk is probably the best choice for you. This is a site that can help you design a dream home. The site is full of thousands of home, office, villa, and apartment decoration ideas.

5- Designspiration

If you are a home designer or belong to any creative industry, Designspiration is the best site to visit. It is basically an alternative site to Pinterest that is very similar and close to discovering new artists and seeing their work. Likewise, you can also share your unique design ideas for others to use your ideas.

6- We Heart It

If we want to introduce one of the alternatives to Pinterest and Tumblr, We Heart It is probably one of the best choices. Of course, this is not a reason for the badness of the site, and in fact, We Heart It is a perfect site with great features that has a large collection of users who submit different photos every day. Before entering this site, the only thing you need to know is that a large part of its users is young people, and therefore it is not like Pinterest full of ideas for a wedding or cooking party and such.

7- Fancy

You can find any photo you want on this site. This site is designed for interesting photos and innovative gadgets. Unlike Pinterest, this site has a shopping store with very specific rules. When users see something they like, they can add it to their online shopping list. When the money is paid, the goods will be sent immediately after confirming the money transfer.

Everyone can have space for themselves to be able to sell their own brand on this site. However, many products on this site, luxury, and special goods, gadgets, and toys, are mostly sold on this site.

8- FoodGawker

Many people who visit Pinterest go to this popular site to see photos of different foods. But we suggest you go to a specialized site instead, one of which is FoodGawker. This site allows its users to publish recipes for these foods and attractive photos of the various foods they make. Visitors will also be able to like and save photos and commands.